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Citrus Heights is not only a great place to visit! With Sacramento Limo Bus, it's also a fantastic setting for your biggest and best celebrations, no matter how far you're traveling from! Some of the best Citrus Heights bars as chosen by Sacramento Limo Bus are listed below!


7622 Greenback Ln, Citrus Heights | (916) 725-6009
Bamiyan Afghan Restaurant has got to be the absolute best place to eat in the Citrus Heights area. All of us at Sacramento Limo Bus are just huge fans of this place, both for the superb service and for the incredible food that is served there daily. It doubles as a restaurant and wine bar, so the aspiring sommeliers in your Sacramento Limo Bus group will really love it! Pricey but worth it.


6510 Antelope Rd, Citrus Heights | (916) 735-8440
Sammy's Restaurant & Bar is an American eatery and bar where you and your Sacramento Limo Bus friends will really enjoy a laid back and intimate time. Great for dates as well as for big celebrations with huge party bus groups, this Citrus Heights gem is ideal for just about any event or anniversary! The rum selection is noteworthy and the margaritas are absolutely delicious!


7431 Madison Ave, Citrus Heights | (916) 961-3342
The Couch Sports Lounge is one of our top picks in the Citrus Heights area for our Sacramento Limo Bus customers to stop and watch the big game. They're often packed when it comes to game time, so do call ahead and make group reservations well in advance! The vibe is that of a neighborhood bar and the prices are too. Budget-friendly and just one of the coolest spots in town.


6301 Sunrise Blvd, Citrus Heights | (916) 729-9464
Buffalo Wild Wings has always been a top Sacramento Limo Bus choice regardless of the city, but this one in the Citrus Heights area is a particular favorite of ours. Awesome layout, great servers, lots to do including that fabulous juke box and video games, and of course tons of HDTV flat screens so you can watch the UFC fights or the football game! The BEST wings around. So good!


6063 Sunrise Mall, Citrus Heights | (916) 961-3628
Elephant Bar Restaurant is a great one for those who love Asian fusion mixed with a modern American bar vibe. It's true that it's a chain establishment and that makes it a little less homey than more independent ones, but the experience is consistent and the service is really good. Very casual and relaxing, and also quite intimate for your dates and special anniversary celebrations!


7777 Sunrise Blvd, Citrus Heights | (916) 722-2582
The Corner Pocket Sports Bar is a top choice for those Sacramento Limo Bus travelers in the Citrus Heights area who are seeking the perfect place to watch a big sporting event! Not only does it have that great sports bar vibe, but they've also got pool tables in case you'd like to get a little sporting yourself! A little competition never hurt anybody. Good strong drinks and a nice bar overall.


5940 Sperry Dr, Citrus Heights | (916) 863-7465
Shakers is a superb choice for a pub out here during your party bus trip! They have some of the cheapest drinks in town and there are always free peanuts flowing! It's very mellow and cool here, making you want to relax and hang out for a good long while. The people who frequent this place are friendly and smart. One of the greatest local bars we have stumbled upon in recent years!


7951 Auburn Blvd, Citrus Heights | (916) 726-7210
And one more sports bar for the road! Literally for the road, since you're going to be out with Sacramento Limo Bus! It's spacious and yet not too booming when they get full on the weekends. There's never a cover charge here and the drinks are always reasonably priced too, so you'll certainly save some dough by dining and drinking here. Best service around, great vibes all around!

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