Sacramento County > Clay

Clay is not only a great place to visit! With Sacramento Limo Bus, it's also a fantastic setting for your biggest and best celebrations, no matter how far you're traveling from! Some of the best Clay bars as chosen by Sacramento Limo Bus are listed below!


9085 Elk Grove Blvd, Elk Grove | (916) 685-5652
Seeking a cozy lounge in which to enjoy your Sacramento Limo Bus trip in the Clay area of California? Lola's Lounge is it! Found in nearby Elk Grove, they have some of the classiest decor around and some of the most delicious food is served on the restaurant side! You might spend most of your time there, or on the elegant bar side, living it up with your Sacramento Limo Bus pals!


18815 N Lower Sacramento Rd, Woodbridge | (209) 366-2735
Flight Lounge is the spot to enjoy coffee and tea in the Clay area during your Sacramento Limo Bus trip, and it doubles as a real lounge too, serving up delicious bar favorites and alcoholic beverages. Our top recommendations here are the roasted veggie sandwiches, the turkey pot pie, and of course the sliders that they are so famous for! Super nice staff here. Nice and clean.


201 4th St, Galt | (209) 251-7355
Brewster's Bar & Grill is a gastropub and burger joint where you will just want to sink right into your seat and stay for a good long while! The food is good here, standard bar fare like onion rings and fried zucchini. Mm-mmm good! The beer and wine selection is just great, and it's so wonderful to sit here and enjoy an icy cold beer or your favorite old fashioned cocktail with your Sacramento Limo Bus group!


18911 N Lower Sacramento Rd, Woodbridge | (209) 365-7575
A great option for Sacramento Limo Bus travelers in the Clay area is Woodbridge Uncorked, located aptly in nearby Woodbridge. They have excellent prices here and a superb selection of wines that will really inspire those who like to pretend that they lead a double life as a sommelier! It's cozy no matter where you sit here, at the tables or at the bar. Best service around.


1067 C Street, Galt | (209) 745-5567
Hunan House is a Chinese restaurant and bar, so you can enjoy delicious menu items from the Orient while you sip your favorite cocktails at the very same time. Combining delish Chinese food with the nightlife scene in Clay? Yes, this one's definitely a Sacramento Limo Bus winner! Try the spicy rice noodles with pork, shrimp, and beef. That's the dish that's truly to die for! Mm-mmm!


18961 N Lower Sacramento Rd, Woodbridge | (209) 367-1632
Craving amazing Mexican food while you're in the Clay area and also kind of having a hankering for a night of karaoke? Well, you can do both at Cactus! And they even cater. This place really does it all. There's a full bar at your fingertips, so you'll be able to obtain some liquid courage before you get up on stage and belt out all the hottest hits of your favorite decade. Great for groups!


9000 Grant Line Rd, Elk Grove | (916) 686-8330
Silva's Sheldon Inn is a Portuguese and American restaurant where you and your Sacramento Limo Bus group can really enjoy an amazing meal during your big celebration. Many say that this one's the very best restaurant in town. We'd have a tough time disagreeing with that. The steak is melt-in-your-mouth perfection and the drinks are high quality, super strong, and never watered down.


8945 Grant Line Rd, Elk Grove | (916) 714-9911
The Wrangler Bar is a country western dive bar and dance club that all the local Clay residents really enjoy, and so do our traveling Sacramento Limo Bus customers! The vibe is pure old school perfection, very country and cool, and you will not find a single ounce of pretense anywhere in the place! They have great deals on drinks all the time and there's even a stripper pole! Time to get wild!