Sacramento County > Courtland

Courtland is a 1.8 square mile community about 17 miles south of Sacramento. This scenic community is located along the Sacramento River. There are plenty of quality establishments to eat and drink around town and the ones below are the ones we suggest.


10058 Bruceville Road, Elk Grove | (916) 687-3820
Sacramento Limo Bus would love to introduce you to one of our favorite restaurants in the Courtland area, which just happens to be the fabulous Peony Palace. This is a popular restaurant that serves both Chinese and even Mongolian cuisine that our party bus customers just adore, thanks to the amazing Asian dishes and the full bar. This is even an ideal place to watch the game on television while you have a drink!


2745 Elk Grove Boulevard, Elk Grove | (916) 683-8188
Another one of our Courtland area favorites is Wasabi! Wasabi specializes in authentic cuisine, and is known for their amazing Japanese fare and sushi. This is the type of restaurant where you can watch the chef and it's awesome. The oysters are something that we've gone wild over many times and we cannot get enough of their onion volcano! The garlic rice is another tempting treat that we don't think you'll be able to resist. They also offer a full bar and amazing desserts! The cream puff dessert is our go-to after a hearty meal. Loud and lively!


2605 Riparian Dr, Elk Grove | (916) 478-9292
Oz Korean BBQ is just made for those who have spent some time in Korea and are looking for an authentic bite of that culture's food. This is a newer location and it's really sparkling clean and beautifully decorated. The bar is very comfortable and a wonderful place to sit if you'd like to watch a sporting event on television while you dine and drink. Superb service, great prices too!


13936 Main St, Locke | (916) 776-1800
Al the Wop's is a great hidden gem in the Courtland area where you'll find some of the very best food in town. Sacramento Limo Bus customers are well aware of this and they add this address to their itineraries on a regular basis! The steak with peanut butter is something that sounds strange but is so addictive. The steak sandwich is perfect at lunch! Full bar, free wi-fi, and even TVs. A+!


643 Bee Street, Placerville | (866) 966-3009
For the finest venue for your next private gathering, the Wedgewood Wedding and Banquet center is a perfect choice. Located at the Sequoia Mansion, this is the perfect venue for luxurious weddings and all kinds of large-scale events. This is a full-service facility, featuring wedding planning services and even a winery on the premises. They even have trusted vendors they work with so you'll know you're getting the finest quality in every aspect of your wedding. The grounds are just gorgeous and we can't think of a more beautiful place to be wed.


14743 Walnut Grove-Thornton Rd, Walnut Grove | (916) 776-1808
Giusti's is a dive bar and restaurant that so many of our party bus customers have requested. We just couldn't leave it off our list of recommendations. It's a tough one to find but that won't be a problem with your professional Sacramento Limo Bus chauffeur at the wheel. Moderate pricing for such delicious family style fare as minestrone, chowder, ribs, and so much more! A true fave.


2745 Elk Grove Boulevard, Elk Grove | (916) 684-1499
If you adore Thai food as much as we do, you ought to check out Royal Thai when you're out in this area with us. The ambiance is comfortable and modern and they've got a nice little bar where you'll want to sit and sip cocktails while you watch the game on TV. The food is authentic, and each dish is unique and full of flavor. The crispy shrimp and garlic pepper chicken is our absolute favorite thing on the menu, and we also love the melting tofu. The fried banana with coconut ice cream is always our go-to for dessert!


36510 Riverview Dr, Clarksburg | (916) 715-6006
By far, the best barbecue joint in the Courtland area for our Sacramento Limo Bus customers has got to be Husick! It's conveniently located when you're out here doing some wine tasting, and the fact that they always have such great live music is really a big draw! The brisket sandwich with cole slaw is a must and we absolutely adore the Coca Cola beans and the fried pickles! The food is like real home cooked BBQ and we love that type of comfort food. Don't miss out on this one.